Foley/Milton debate, message 3 summary

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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 97 13:40:43 MDT
Subject: Milton's response to Kuban

Four weeks ago, I sent a response to the list and to Richard Milton,
responding to Milton's claims that he had made here.  In it and a previous
message, I disputed, with references, Richard's claims:

    that all competent authorities consider Java Man a gibbon (none do,
    that I know of)

    that there is nothing to distinguish Homo habilis skulls from those of
    modern humans (I gave 5 quotes contradicting this)

    that the brain size of Homo habilis is comparable to that of some human
    groups (it is far lower)

    that australopithecines have no human characteristics, and that they
    are "known" to be "extinct apes unrelated to humans"

    that "every single claimed "missing link" fossil has been re-assigned
    either as an extinct ape or as a human essentially the same as modern

I also questioned his claims that Java Man had been removed from the
American Museum of Natural History in 1984, and that the scientists who
wrote the "type descriptions" of all the hominid species considered
considered them either apes or fully human.  I cannot disprove these
statements without knowing more about what Richard is talking about, but
they are totally contrary to everything I have read about human evolution.

I haven't received any response yet.

I think Richard should retract all of the above claims unless he is able to
come up with some evidence for them.

Jim Foley

In theory, theory and practice are the same, in practice they're not.