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Claim CA008:

Evolutionary theory promotes the concepts of promiscuity and lust, pointing out that the quest to produce many offspring is a main goal of organisms under Darwinism.


Morris, Henry M. 2000. Evil-ution. Back to Genesis 140 (Aug).: a-c.


  1. Description does not imply promotion. Mistaking "is" for "ought" is the naturalistic fallacy. The theory of evolution no more promotes promiscuity and lust than germ theory promotes getting infectious diseases.

  2. Solving a problem works best if you first understand the source of the problem. Creationists, by denying sources of behavior, are less likely to deal with behavioral problems effectively.

Further Reading:

Wright, Robert. 1994. The Moral Animal: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology. New York: Pantheon.
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