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Claim CA100.1:

Evolution leaves lots of things unexplained, such as gravity, the origin of life, biological complexity, and morals.


Behe, Michael J. 1996. Darwin under the microscope. New York Times, 29 Oct. 1996, Tuesday Final Section A; Page 25; Column 2.
"messenjaH", 9/9/2003. Things evolutionists can't (or can???) explain?


  1. No theory explains everything, and evolution makes no pretense of being different. Evolution does not even apply to some areas, such as cosmology and physics. In biology, evolution is broadly applicable, and it explains a great deal (Theobald 2004), but it is not everything. Some explanations depend on other factors; some we simply have not found yet; and some may be beyond our ability to uncover or understand. It is silly to condemn evolution, despite its strengths, for not achieving godhood.

  2. Evolution does explain some things that people claim it does not (morals, for example), at least in broad outline. Sometimes the people making this claim simply have not done their homework.


  1. Theobald, Douglas. 2004. 29+ Evidences for macroevolution: The scientific case for common descent.

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