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Claim CB510:

Evolution cannot explain the origin of photosynthesis.


Nelson, Chuck, 2001. Purposelessness personified.


  1. This is yet another argument from incredulity. Not knowing how something evolves is a limit of ourselves, not of evolution.

    We would not expect the evolution of photosynthesis to be easy to unravel. Photosynthesis has been evolving for more than three billion years, originating even before eukaryotes (Awramik 1992). Its early history involved gene transfer among several phyla of bacteria, making the trail harder to trace genetically (Raymond et al. 2003). Different components of photosynthesis have independent evolutionary pathways. However, much progress has been made in determining how photosynthesis evolved (Baymann et al. 2001; Blankenship 1992; Blankenship and Hartman 1998; Xiong and Bauer 2002).


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Further Reading:

Xiong, J. and C. E. Bauer, 2002. Complex evolution of photosynthesis. Annual Review of Plant Biology 53: 503-521. (technical)
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