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Claim CB902.2:

Creationists recognize that small microevolutionary changes occur, but small changes do not imply large changes, so the theory of macroevolution is unjustified.


  1. This claim falsely assumes that the conclusion of macroevolution is based solely on the observation of microevolution. In fact, microevolution is just one piece of the evidence that demonstrates evolution as a whole. Other evidence includes the fossil record, patterns of similarities and differences between living species, and genetic comparisons (Darwin 1872; Theobald 2004).

  2. Small changes do imply large changes under some common circumstances. If there is some selective pressure for the changes to go in one direction, the changes will add up. Such a condition can happen, for example, under a gradual climate change or in evolutionary arms races. Even if there is no selective pressure at all, the changes will tend to diverge further and further from the starting point. Small changes will not lead to large changes only Stabilizing selection occurs sometimes but is far from universal. We know that the earth, and life on it, is very old. And there is no hint of a mechanism to limit variation. Therefore, we expect large changes based on basic principles.


Theobald, Douglas, 2004. 29+ Evidences for macroevolution: The scientific case for common descent.


  1. Darwin, C. 1872. (see below)
  2. Theobald, D. 2004. (see above)

Further Reading:

Darwin, Charles. 1872. The Origin of Species, 1st Edition. London: Senate.
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