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Claim CC110:

Two greenish human skeletons were excavated from Jurassic sediments in the Big Indian Copper Mine near Moab, Utah.


Burdick, Clifford, 1973. Discovery of human skeletons in Cretaceous formation. Creation Research Society Quarterly 10: 109-110.
Barnes, F. A. 1975. The case of the bones in stone. Desert Magazine 38(2) (Feb.): 36-39.


  1. The bones were found fifteen feet deep in loose sand, not in a rock matrix. Their postures were similar to known Indian burials. The bones were unfossilized and partly decayed, and dating them yielded an age of 210 +/- 70 years. In short, they were a fairly recent burial (Kuban 1998).


Kuban, Glen J. 1998. The life and death of Malachite Man.


  1. Kuban, Glen J. 1998. (see above)

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