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Claim CC251:

Evolutionists claim that conifers are descended from a group of plants called progymnosperms. But there is no evidence that progymnosperms ever existed.


Williams, Alexander, 2001-2002. Kingdom of the plants. Creation 24(1): 46-48.


  1. Progymnosperms are not hypothetical. They are an important group of fossil plants, now extinct, which include the earliest trees (Meyer-Berthaud et al. 1999). Creationists can choose to believe that progymnosperms are not transitional forms, but they certainly existed.


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Further Reading:

Scheckler, S. E. 1999. Progymnosperms. In: Encyclopedia of Paleontology, R. Singer, ed., Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publ., vol 2, pp. 992-995.
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