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Claim CD620:

Only 300 to 1,000 years are required to build an inch of topsoil. The average depth of topsoil is about eight inches, indicating an earth less than about 8,000 years old.


Pathlights, n.d. The age of the earth.


  1. Soil gets eroded as well as built up, so the average depth does not mean much. Where soil does exist under steady conditions, it does not build up continuously; there is a maximum depth to it determined by climate, ground composition, slope, and local ecology. The depth of a soil says very little about its age.

  2. Some soils require long times to develop. R. Meyer (1997, 120) listed seven types of soil that take more than 50,000 years to form; some took on the order of a million years or more.


Matson, Dave E., 1994. How good are those young-earth arguments? A close look at Dr. Hovind's list of young-earth arguments and other claims.


  1. Meyer, Robert, 1997. Paleoalterites and Paleosols: Imprints of Terrestrial Processes in Sedimentary Rocks. Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema.

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