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Claim CG030:

Evolution claims humans evolved gradually from apes. But the oldest structures, such as the pyramids, are already very complex.


"Nowhere Man". 2003. What do the facts say? USENET post, 4 Apr. 2003, Message-ID:,


  1. The Pyramids are by no means the oldest human structures. Older structures show much less refinement. Earlier structures are not as common because they were often made of wood and bone, which do not preserve as well as stone. Still, there are remains of some such structures. The earliest evidence of a man-made habitation is the Terra Amata site in France, which has remains of huts from about 380,000 years ago. "The dwellings consisted of small poles supported by rocks for walls and larger poles in the center to support the roof" (Streich n.d.). (A 2-million-year-old circle of stones from Olduvai Gorge is not generally accepted as a legitimate artifact; Tattersall 1993.)

    The Pyramids themselves show progressive development in their architecture (Edwards 1991).

  2. The evolution of architecture is cultural evolution, which has little or nothing to do with biological evolution. Complex structures were probably driven by the development of agriculture, which ties a community to one location. Evolution into anatomically modern humans predated that by quite a bit.


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Further Reading:

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