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Claim CH135.2:

The Bible reveals that our blood is the essence of life (Lev. 17:11), attesting the Bible's scientific accuracy.


Jeffrey, Grant R., 1996. The Signature of God. Toronto: Frontier Research Publications, p. 146.
Morris, Henry M., 1986. Science and the Bible. Chicago: Moody Press, pp. 15-16.


  1. The view of blood as the essence for life predates the Bible. The Code of Hammurabi from Mesopotamia (about 1727 B.C.E., before Leviticus was written) has a phrase which translates, "to pour out his life-blood like water." In the Enuma Elish, blood was an essential ingredient which mankind was created from. Ugaritic and Egyptian sources also note the importance of blood (Meyers 2000).

  2. That blood is essential to life is not hard to figure out, especially to people who slaughter livestock.

  3. Blood is not the essence of life. We would not survive long without lungs, lymph, muscles, nerves, etc. either.


Meyers, Stephen, 2000. The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey (review).


  1. Meyers, S., 2000. (see above).

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