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Claim CH505.4:

In 1908 and again in 1910 (or in 1902, by another account), a local Armenian Georgie Hagopian, then just a boy, visited the ark with his uncle. The ark was on the edge of a cliff; its wood was like stone. He reported these details to ark searchers in 1970.


LaHaye, Tim and John Morris, 1976. The Ark on Ararat, Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc. and Creation Life Publishers, pp. 69-72.


  1. Hagopian went to the ark as a lad. His uncle apparently knew exactly where it was. When Hagopian returned and told his young friends, many of them said they had seen it too. The apparent ease of getting to the ark conflicts with the accounts of other explorers.

  2. The details disagree with other accounts and with the description from Genesis. The measurements that Hagopian took (1000 ft. by 600-700 ft. by 40 ft.) are large for the ark. There was an opening in the top but no door in the side. The wood was hard as rock.

Further Reading:

Bailey, Lloyd, 1989. Noah: The Person and the Story in History and Tradition. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, pp. 86-87.
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