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Claim CH710:

Humans and dinosaurs once lived together.


Woodmorappe, John, 1996. Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study, Santee, CA: ICR.


  1. There are no human fossils or artifacts found with dinosaurs, and there are no dinosaur fossils found with human fossils (except birds, which are descended from dinosaurs; out-of-place human traces such as the Paluxy footprints do not withstand examination). Furthermore, there is an approximately sixty-four-million-year gap in the fossil record when there are neither dinosaur nor human fossils. If humans and dinosaurs coexisted, traces of the two should be found in the same time places. At the very least, there should not be such a dramatic separation between them.

  2. If dinosaurs and humans were found together, it would not be evidence against evolution.

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