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"And the earth did quake, and the rocks rent."

- Matthew 27:51

Sauropods, Elephants, Weightlifters: Ted Holden and Megafauna
Ted Holden, a catastrophist, has claimed that dinosaur sauropods would be too heavy to carry themselves about in current gravitational conditions. He proposes that the "felt effect of gravity" was reduced in the not-too-distant past, allowing such large beasts to walk around. This FAQ explores Holden's claims and illustrates their absurdity.

Woolly Mammoths: Evidence of Catastrophe?
An examination of the catastrophist claim that preserved mammoth remains indicate the occurrence a great catastrophe (as described by catastrophist Immanuel Velikovsky).

Is Venus Young?
Is Venus the young planet the Velikovskians say it is? Could it be only a few thousand years old, as opposed to the few billion that standard theories would imply? The age of Venus is considered from three lines of evidence: atmosphere, surface, and interior.

The World of Ted Holden
An article allowing comparison between geological and paleontological data from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous eras with what would be predicted by Ted Holden's "Golden Age" ("reduced felt effect of gravity") model.

Velikovskian Tectonics and Pangaea
Catastrophists, not content with conventional explanations for the motion of the Earth's continents, have suggested that the Earth was egg-shaped with Pangaea sitting sunny-side up. This article challenges this notion, showing that Velikovskian tectonic models solve none of the imagined problems of conventional models.

Dating with Icecores
A discussion of the methods for determining the ages of ancient ice cores. Ice cores found in Antarctica date back about 160,000 years, presenting somewhat of a problem for young-earth creationists and catastrophists.

Velikovsky Critiqued
Immanuel Velikovsky, the late pseudoscientist whose cult followers have made themselves visible on, has made a large number of incredible claims about the origins of the solar system as well as the origins of humans. This article takes a scientific look at many of Velikovsky's claims.

"Polystrate" Fossils
Creationists and catastrophists have attempted to justify a global flood by claiming that there are fossils cutting through many geological strata. A number of so-called "polystrate" fossils are examined here.

Ted Holden's Frequent Questions Answered
Ted Holden claims that a series of questions he periodically posts are "avoided", that no reasonable answers have been given. Ted is incorrect. This article is a brief summary of the answers that have been given in the past, and which have been extensively discussed on the newsgroup.

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