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Feedback Archive for 1997

January 1997
Godless linguistics? Adaptation vs. evolution. Creationists who become evolutionists. Evolution and moral relativism. Imperfections in living things. The rate of evolutionary change. The Gish/Plimer debate. Science and observation. The number of scientists who are creationists. "Nebraska Man". Dawkins vs. Gould. Creationism and exponential human population growth.

February 1997
Left-handed or right-handed amino acids? "Lucy" has no knees. Has evolution stopped? Use of the word "race" by Darwin. The reliability of eyewitness testimony. Outdated biology textbooks. Homo erectus and Homo sapiens: the same species? Evolution thought up by people on crack. Dinosaur DNA. Creationist Steve Austin's attack on radiometric dating. The creationist hydroplate "theory".

March 1997
Geocentricity vs. heliocentricity. Evolution and endangered species. The power of God. The evolution of complexity. The constancy of radioactive decay. The first law of thermodynamics and the origin of the universe. Outdated textbooks. Using moon dust to date the moon. Anomalous hominid fossils. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny? Are humans still evolving? The nature of propaganda. Transitional forms redux, ad nauseum. Evolution, creationism and racism.

April 1997
Radiometric dating redux. Isochron mixing. Author credentials. The false appearance of age. Creationism and political activism. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Does science play favorites? The redundancy of creationist arguments. The appropriateness of statements of belief in science. The Earth's magnetic field. Incipient wings: what's the use? The sexism, racism and bigotry of science. Critically examining Archaeopteryx. Evolution and the need for spiritual redemption. Mutations and Moms. The Big Bang and organized universes. The archive's "religion-unfriendliness". Measuring the age of sediments according to the fossils they contain. Missing links between "monkeys and men". Darwin recanting evolution on his deathbed.

May 1997
The pointlessness of some user feedback. The creativeness of "random" change. How life began. Michael Behe demolishes evolution. How fossils form. Evolution's compatibility with Christianity. The Australian creationist lawsuit. If evolution is true, why are apes still around? "Polonium halos" and the age of the Earth. Evidence for evolution that can "overturn all doubt"?

June 1997
Triangulation of supernovae and c-decay. The role of randomness in evolution. Eugenie Scott and the youth of creation-science. The change over time of Lord Kelvin's estimates of the age of the Earth. Implications and side-effects of c-decay. Woodmorappe on Ark feasability. The Gish/Ross debate reviewed. Creationist credentials versus divorce of mainstream scientists. The Cambrian explosion explained. Visit to the ICR museum revisited.

July 1997
No bird fossils older than Archaeopteryx. Seeking evidence for evolution. Snotty editors. Theistic evolutionists: are they confused? Printable versions of the archive's FAQs. "Proof" of macroevolution. Responding to creationists is a waste of time. Extinctions and mistakes. The shared ancestor of humans and apes. How can evolution be disproved? The universe's supposed "axis of rotation". Science by video tape. Dictionary definitions of evolution. The physical consequences of faster and variable radio-isotope decay rates. Thermodynamics and complexity.

August 1997
Answers in Genesis. In search of "theistic evolution" web sites. The Bible Code. The Law of Evolution? Variation within capacity only. Ice-Core Dating. The shrinking sun. Evolution as fact versus automobiles. Archive loses the "waste of bandwidth" award. Grand Canyon dating. The Hab Theory. Newton believed in creationism. Moses' education. Einstein and God's dice. Age of the Moon and population growth. Downloading the Archive. The Mysterious Origins of Man revisited. Reductionism versus spiritual Truth. Attacking Gish?

September 1997
The Big Bang and the beginning of matter. Kent Hovind and thermodynamics. Missler and Eastman lecture series. Stegosaurus walking. Is it bigotry to teach only one theory of origins in the schools? Frankenstein: perfection? Chimpanzee-human DNA comparisons. Astronomy vs. astrology and the Moors. Equal time in the classroom? Tautologies, and the nature of science. Who wins debates. The brain of Archaeopteryx. Polystrate trees and a global flood. Dinos and humans. Secular humanism. Radioactive decay times two. Two comments on Behe's book. Harpt/Lesley debate followup. Behe's Black Box redux.

October 1997
Subjectivity in the archive. A young Venus. Creationism in the classroom. God's image. Gish on lysozyme and lactalbumin. Evolution as fact versus Piltdown Man. How old are the aborigines? The thermodynamics FAQ and crystallization. archive material in Stephen Gould's hands. New Mexico creation science bill. Testability of creationism and evolution. Evolution and metabolic efficiency. Compatability of science and religion, and the Lady Hope story. Archive as CD-ROM?

November 1997
"The Earth" versus just "Earth." The Second Law of Thermodynamics and open systems. The 72 Nobel Laureates' brief on creation/evolution. Robinson on Behe. DNA, Fossils, and Finnish creationists. The number of fossils and speciation versus stasis. Probability, order, and the evolutionary ladder. Speak to the fossils. Evolution and knee-jerk liberalism. Blosser's critique of Brawley's polonium halos FAQ.

December 1997
How the Archive works. A global flood. DNA and information theory. The video "Evolution Conspiracy." What evolution is: fact vs. theory. Recommended reading. Books evolving. The end of evolution? Misquoting scientists. Meritt's Anti-Creationism FAQ. Teaching evolution. Speed of light decay. Fossil anomalies. Popper and the limits of science. Spetner's "Not By Chance."

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