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Feedback Archive for 1999

January 1999
Artificial selection. Killings attributable to evolution vs religion. Excess argon. Eye evolution. Holden and tides. Size of the Universe. Micro- vs macro-evolution. New organs. Fish treading water. God's language. Altruism. Limits to evolutionary change. The Holocaust. Macroevolution and facthood. Herbivore T.Rex. Feedback quality. Science and Truth. How to post to t.o. Mars and ocean "faces." Platygaeanism. Science must be aged. Noah gathering animals. Philosophy and the eternal. Darwin as God? Quantum flounders. Death in the Flood.

February 1999
Archive purpose. DNA as God's word? Degeneration. Timing of feedback replies. The oldest fossils. Questions answered. Osteoperosis and racism. Theory of creation. A teacher speaks. Jumping genes. Lady Hope. Evolution poetry. Definition of "Christian." Louisiana BTA court decision. Li-3 beta decay. Thermodynamics. Ark arguments. "Uniformitarianism." How God created. Waves. Salvation. Flat Earth. Where was Venus previously?

March 1999
Origin of Big Bang matter. Fossil horses. Answering "stumpers." Appealing to the Supernatural. Theistic evolution. Foundation of the Earth. Dennett and dangerous ideas. Five young-Earth arguments. Drawing a sharp line between life and non-life. Gravitation as theory and fact. Errors in dating methods (x2). The party line and dogmatism. Transition from eggs to live young. Darwin and transitional sequences. Second Law of Thermodynamics. Denton's book. Gish and Archaeopteryx. Helium (x2). "Scientists believe" in the Intro to Evolution FAQ.

April 1999
Science as a process. Evolution and Philosophy. Beneficial mutations and thermodynamics. Pathlights on hypocrisy. Archive light on plant evolution? Evolution of the eye. Faith, complexity, and evidence. Speciation and genetic strength. Big Bang and angular momentum. Ice cores and proof of evolution. Morris quotation. Evolution and the involvement of God. Origin of matter and energy.

May 1999
Debating in the classroom. Questions about glaciers. Hovind's challenge. Observation of evolution. Moths, giraffes, and evolution. Macroevolution FAQ. Lady Hope. Population growth. Carbon dating. The Ark FAQ. More on the Flood. Bias in the archive (x3). Speciation and admitting to a higher power. Why are apes still around?

June 1999
Faith versus knowledge, and effort. Global versus local Floods. Decay rates and trees. Archive too technical. Why was the Bible written? The existence of God. No transitional fossils (x2). Creation is more "mainstream." God's handiwork.

July 1999
Hovind's questions. Interpretation of evidence, and absence of evidence. Origin of genetic code and panspermia. Hovind, reliability, and how long science has been around. Designing an alien body plan. What evolution encompasses. Gentry. Quoting Gould. Cave guides. Dust on the Moon. Archive too biased and/or emotional. ICR and testing radiometric dating.

August 1999
Archive biased against creationism? Lee blows a gasket. Phil Johnson non-religious. Biblical date for the Flood. The Discovery Channel. Science and experimentation. Day-age theory. Kansas brouhaha part one. Second law of thermodynamics. Online debating and evolutionary regression. Young-Earth astronomy arguments. Evolution and emotion. Macroevolution FAQ and Hox genes. Biogenesis. Dawkins vs Gould. Evolution and chance. Evolution and lifespan. Radiometric dating. Thermodynamics, evolution, and the Cambrian explosion. Schroeder's book. Evolution of Beatles.

September 1999
Jesus' genealogy. Loading the Ark. Empirical evidence of God. Lucy's knee. Bias in the archive. Written versus spoken language. Josh McDowell and God's means of creation. Hovind's challenge. Is Creationism scientific? Saltwater angelfish. Evolution as both fact and theory. Human and dinosaur footprints. Monetary motto and Pascal's wager. Thermodynamics supplement. "Evolutionists" as illuminati. Naturalism in the philosophy FAQ. Prophecy and the archive.

October 1999
Colby's "crap" comment. Science as repeatable. Painful font colors. Polonium halos. Where does Carbon-14 come from? Dinosaur blood. Neandertal cross-breeding. Evolution and chance. Archive not biased?! Johnson and Dembski. Macroevolution FAQ and probability arguments. Hostility towards the opposition. Mutations and preservation potential. Lunar recession.

November 1999
Transitional lungs. Conservation of angular momentum. Solar computers and evolution. Second law of thermodynamics (x3). Irreversability of evolution. Archive is biased (x2). Age of the Universe a la Hovind. Lady Hope. Transitional fossils and macroevolution. Senapathy and Margulis.

December 1999
Definition of species. Neandertal and our ancestry. Bias in the archive? Behe's black box. Age of solar system. Evolution vs atheism. FABNAQ for atheists. Gosse and evidence. Paluxy. Earth's magnetic field. Earth's rotation rate and lunar recession. Moon dust and coelacanth.

Thanks to Chris Stassen for providing the feedback summaries above.

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