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The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Feedback Archive for 2001

January 2001
Chandra Wickramasighe and Fred Hoyle. Student wants an undeniable proof evolution. Lady Hope story. Evolution of death. Were there hominids on Pangaea? The nature of mutation. Laws of nature apply to God? Creationist arguments of Darel Rex Finley. Are we saying that God created the universe? Primitive chromosomes. Creationist and evolutionist worldviews. Eggs before chickens. Claim that sensing requires brains. Intermediate fossils. Walt Brown's challenge. Does evolution require sociobiology? Common design or common descent? Mimicry adaptations. Intermediate structures and the problem of perfection. Polystrate trees.

February 2001
Statistics professor's claims. Are you open-minded enough to recognize God? Biological robots; engineering? Bayesian and frequentist probability and the odds of life. Kent Hovind's challenge. Organisms reproducing after their own kind. A minister comes to accept evolution. Volcanic eruptions and human evolution. Interpretations of Genesis. Beneficial mutations. Geologic succession of strata. Intermediate steps in the evolution of the mammalian middle ear. The laws of thermodynamics. The Bible and the shape of the Earth. By the time God gets through with you, you will most surely believe. Homo erectus: one species or two? Evolved virtual creatures. Accuracy of radiocarbon dating. Mutations and information.

March/April 2001
"Big Daddy." Macroevolution. Punctuated Equilibria. Facts for "Evolution is a Fact and a Theory." Likelihood of genetic mutations acting as positive catalysts. Second law of thermodynamics. Is the Ontogeny of an individual evolution? Evolutionist wanted for debate. Cutting off Harry. Assumptions of radiometric dating. Misrepresentation of Julian Huxley. Geologic column is circular reasoning? Semantics of natural selection. The Flood and frozen mammoths. Dr. Etheridge and Albert Fleischmann. Can't be disproved means it right? T. Rex DNA. Sexual dimorphism. Oxnard and Lucy. Triggering of mutations. Recession of the Moon. Non-Christian creationists. Evolution of reptiles to mammals.

May 2001
Where did everything come from? Black Sea Flood hypothesis. Protoavis. Radiocarbon dating error? Why try to disprove the Creator? Peppered moths. Hemoglobin evolution. Second law of thermodynamics. How did life come from non-life? Ribs of fossil horses. The Bible and the shape of the Earth and number of stars. Claim that punctuated equilibrium is an excuse.

June 2001
Difference between evolution and adaptation. Evolution of eye and lung. Criticism of Earth's Magnetic Field FAQ. Calibration of radiocarbon dating. David Raup quote. Follow up on mammalian middle ear evolution. Is "Jury-Rigged" a word? Punctuated equilibria and chaos theory. Pima Indian flood story.

October 2001
Molecular clocks. Carnivorous plants. Biblical parables. How did...? Missing feedback. Is atheism rational? Wells and peppered moths. The Kennedy assassination and evolution. Evolution of orchids mimicking wasps. Lamarck, Darwin, and the neck of the giraffe. Darwin's education.

November 2001
Bose-Einstein condensates and the slowing of light. A Kent Hovind imposter. Biblical Daniel dreams. Thermodynamics. Shrinking Sun claims. Creationist Bert Thompson on Talk.Origins. Darwin's Finches. Were you there? Evolution and morality. How did the Big Bang form the planets? 1000 questions. I am smart and have difficulty accepting evolution. Einstein's beliefs about the soul. What happened to July though September feedback? Rapidly formed canyons at Mount St. Helens. Missing helium. How does one submit an FAQ? It seems that no creationist feedback is posted!

December 2001
Socialistic God-haters. Bombarder beetle FAQ criticism. Claim that transitional species are extinct species. Image of the man on the Moon. Chance and accidents. Lady Hope. If the Bible is a lie why would believers be willing to become martyrs? Duration of the Genesis flood. Religion is the oldest science. What makes genes, atoms, and cells smarter than humans? Creationists on linguistic evolution. Fingerprints. Omnipotent God solves objections to Genesis Flood. United States, Australia and creationism.

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