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Posts of the Month for 1996

August: Elephant Stampede at the ICR Museum
Ross Myers visits San Diego's Institute of Creation Research (ICR) during the Republican National Convention.

September: The Talk.Origins FAQ, Down the Drain
John McCoy takes a stab at the Talk.Origins Archive's Question and Answer List.

October: Floods & Fossils
Tim Thompson plays around with the idea of 'hydraulic stratigraphy,' the creationist scenario for the sorting of the fossil record into its current order by the Great Flood of Noah.

November: Evolution and the Qur'an
Ali Arshad illustrates the compatibility of evolution and the Muslim faith.

December: Godless Linguistics!
Gail Davis pens a tongue-in-cheek jab at creationism by satirizing the creationist take on the field of linguistics.

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