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Re: New dino tracks reported
Post of the Month: August 1998
by Keith Morrison wrote:

> According to the article I read, the prints are on the side of a mountain
> at inclines up to 70 degrees. That is real close to vertical.
> I would like to see a creationist explain that!

Spider-rex, Spider-rex
Does whatever he likes, I guess
Climbs the hill, goes up high
Ascends cliffs, just like a fly
Look out! Here comes the Spider-rex

He's fast and strong, and what's even more
He's a-hankering for some Torosaur
He leaves prints in the odd place
Like a vertical mountain face
Hey there, there goes the Spider-rex

After a few days of rain
And the Ark's out to sea
Spider-rex drowns in pain
Noah forgot him you see

Spider-rex, Spider-rex
Mountain climbing Spider-rex
He's extinct, he's no more
Just like all the dinosaurs

To him, Noah's a really big jerk
Because he's as dead as Jim Kirk
Fossilized Spider-rex!

Keith Morrison

First posted 4 August 1998

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