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Cretinism or Evilution?
E.T. Babinski

Cretinism or Evilution?
Why that Title?

Consider the combination of chance and "editorial selection" that evolved the title of this newsletter. My spell-checker lacks the word "creationism" in its dictionary, so each time that word is encountered, an alternative pops up at the bottom of my screen, "cretinism" (i.e., "a congenital deficiency resulting in idiocy"). As for the word, "evilution," such a mutation would never have survived, had it not arisen in exactly the right ecological niche, viz., the minds of a few "creation evangelists."

Unfortunately, only creationists with a highly evolved sense of humor are likely to read further than the title of this newsletter. (The remainder of creationists prefer reading books with far less humorous titles like, The Twilight of Evolution, The Collapse of Evolution, or Evolution: The Lie.)

An added note on "Cretinism." According to my Webster's dictionary the word, "cretin," was originally a variant French pronunciation of "chretien" which meant, "Christian." Only later did "cretin" come to mean "a congenital idiot."

An added note on "evilution." The heliocentric theory of Copernicus was considered "evil" by the learned theologians of the Church. Less well known is that Newton's theory of gravity was also considered "evil." Some Bible believers vigorously urged that Newton's theory "took from God that direct action on his works so constantly ascribed to him in Scripture and transferred it to material mechanism," and that Newton "substituted gravity for Providence." Galen's idea of the blood circulating in the body was considered "evil." Some preachers in the last century ranted against anesthetics being "evil." (Doesn't Genesis say that God deliberately "increased woman's pain in childbirth?" So who are we to seek to overthrow "God's plan" by allowing women to be anesthetized?) And let's not forget the terrible "evil" of "Playing and/or working on Sunday." For centuries Christians made laws that kept the working man's one guaranteed day off, Sunday, a dour and fun-free day. Parks, beaches, sports centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys, libraries, museums and restaurants were all closed. Attending church was the only "entertainment" available to people on Sunday. And what about some Bible believers' opposition to the "evils" of "dancing" and "masturbation?" And the list goes on...

Considering the benefits to humanity in the way of education, relief of pain, and the pursuit of honest pleasures, that have come from things which learned and devoted Bible believers have labeled "evil," it would appear that the term, "evilution," has a lot to commend it!

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