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Coso Artifact

First letter from Dr. Donald Chittick

Creation Compass
P.O. Box 993
Newberg, Oregon 97132-0993
(503) 625-7679

29 September, 1999

Dear Brother Heinrich:

Thank you for letter of September 17, 1999 asking about the "Coso Artifact." Sorry to not get back to you on that sooner, but we were in Colorado all last week.

The article's speculation that it had taken at least 500,000 years to attain the present form is just that: speculation. Actual petrification of such objects proceeds normally quite rapidly, as is illustrated by several other similar formations. See for instances, the note about the petrified miner's hat on the back cover of Creation Ex Nihilo (Vol. 17, No. 3) for June-August, 1995. See also an article about another "fossil" spark plug in Creation Ex Nihilo (Vol. 21, No. 4) for September-November, 1999 on page 6.

You asked what I thought about its age. My best guess is that it is probably early post-Flood. I have not yet been able to obtain sufficient documentation, so I don't say much publicly. However, there is evidence that they did in fact perhaps have internal combustion engines or even jet engines way back then. Further documentation can be obtained in the fascinating books mentioned below. "Secrets of the Lost Races" by Rene Noorbergen (Norcom Publishing Corporation, Collegedale TN) 1977

"Forbidden Archeology by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson (Govardhan Hill Publishing, San Diego) 1993 does not specifically mention the Coso Artifact, but mentions similar things.

Also please find enclosed a copy of our lecture schedule, at least as it exists at this time. Thank you for your interest.


Donald E. Chittick

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