The Monkey Quote: Carl Wieland's response

Carl Wieland, the CEO of Answers in Genesis, responded to my Monkey Quote web page as follows:
To: Jim Foley

Re: Your query about the monkey article on the talkorigins website.

I started to skim-read the referenced portion of the site, then realized that it was another run through that same old convoluted stuff which took vast slabs of our time, about who quoted what, French translations, post-humous alterations, or not.

I will probably be misrepresented in some skeptics' literature for not being bothered to try to unscramble this latest run-through. I will make the following comments, and don't see the point in going back and forth about it unless I were prepared to dedicate another huge slab of time, engage independent French experts, etc. (which I'm not, at this point in time).

1) I was involved with the original replies to Ritchie and Plimer, though others did some of the research, etc.
2) In making those replies, all at AiG acted totally ethically, in light of the best information we were able to obtain. We spent a great deal of time on the issue. I recall that we even went to the extent of having the original French translated, by a former senior lecturer in linguistics at an Australian University (though admittedly not a native French speaker). We did not find any evidence to substantiate the 'over-the-top' attacks on Gish's character which were being made by Price/Plimer et al on the basis of the Boule quote.
3) As far as the creation/evolution issue is concerned, that is a different matter. We have always maintained an interest in the facts concerning what the original " Peking man" fossils represented. To the best I have been able to ascertain, I personally think that the identification of Peking man as Homo erectus (i.e. human, as per Lubenow, whose book we have roundly supported since its first appearance) is highly likely to be correct.


Carl Wieland

Dr Carl Wieland
CEO, Answers in Genesis, Australia

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