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Information Theory and Creationism

by Ian Musgrave, Rich Baldwin, and others
Copyright © 2005
[Posted: July 14, 2005]

Recently Creationists, and particularly Intelligent Design advocates, have taken to arguing that information in the genome is evidence for special creation by an intelligent designer (generally assumed to be God), and against evolution. A common Creationist tactic is to ask: "do evolutionists have any examples of mutations or evolutionary processes which have led to an increase in genetic information?" But do they really know what they are talking about?

It is easy to make false, scientific-sounding claims when discussing complex ideas such as Information Theory. Readers should be suspicious of any writing on the subject that:

This series of articles provides a brief overview of Classical Information Theory, Algorithmic Information Theory, and current Creationist arguments about information theory by Gitt, Spetner, and Dembski. Problems with the various Creationist arguments are explained. The complete mathematical background for Classical and Algorithmic Information Theory is not provided here; it is quite detailed and on-line references are provided for those who want to read more.


[Shannon information] [Algorithmic information] [Gitt information] [Spetner information] [Dembski information]

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