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Other Web Sites on Dinosaur Tracks and Ichnology
Glen J. Kuban

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Introduction to Ichnology: The Study of Plant & Animal Traces
- Web site by Tony Martin, with links to other paleontological resources

Triassic-Jurassic Footprint Project, Amerst College, MA
- Develped by Paul Olsen
- Features the fammous Hitchcock Collection at Pratt Museum

GJRA Paleo Page
- Describes dinosaur tracks at Grand Junction, Colorado

Terry Acomb's Dino Track Web Site
- Short but interesting web site on dinosaur tracks

Utah tracksites
- Dinosaur tracksites from Mill Canyon and Copper Ridge, UT

Attractions - Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, CT
- Over 1000 dinosaur tracks on a single surface, displayed under a domed building with other interpretive exhibits.

Dinosaur Tracks Near the Grand Canyon
- Tourist guide that includes tracksite at Tuba City, AZ

University of Queensland Dinosaur Footprints
- Article by dino trackers Tony Thulborn and Tim Hamley

Ichnology Research Group, University of Alberta, Canada
- Developed by S. George Pemberton. Mostly invertebrate trace fossils.

Ichnofossil Database by U.S. Geological Survey
- Your tracks dollars at work
- Information on trace fossil nomenclature, identification, and taxomony

Virtual Ichnology Site, by Ovyind Hammer
- Computer graphic similation of invertebrate ichnofossil formation

Dino Trekking Web Site
- Many links to dinosaur-related web sites, some including dino tracks

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