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Claim CA341:

Evolutionists have been unable to claim $250,000 offered by Kent Hovind for proof of evolution.


Hovind, Kent. n.d. Dr. Hovind's $250,000 offer.


  1. The challenge is set up so that it is impossible to meet it whether evolution is true or not. First, Hovind conflates many areas of science, including cosmology and abiogenesis, under his misuse of the word evolution. Second, he wants proof that the universe came from nothing, which is not known to be true (and which is not relevant to evolution). Third and most important, Hovind requires proof that "evolution . . . is the only possible way the observed phenomena could have come into existence." It is impossible to prove a universal negative. In fact, scientists already seriously consider alternatives for abiogenesis (namely panspermia).

    Hovind's challenge requires proof that evolution (and other origins) occurred without God. However, evolution does not deny God, as Hovind himself acknowledges, and Hovind admits that it is impossible to disprove God. Thus Hovind himself implies that his challenge is flawed and impossible to meet ("David" 2005).

  2. The judging is likely to be unfair. The judges are all picked by Hovind, so they are probably biased, and Hovind has refused to let unbiased judges judge a challenge (Kolosick n.d.). Hovind's hand-picked judges may well be unqualified, too, since Hovind does not have the background to judge qualifications. There is even evidence that the judges do not exist: An advertisement in Pensacola headed "Attn: Hovind's Expert Committee" received no responses (Vlaardingerbroek n.d.).

    Hovind himself says he will not accept important evidence. He will not accept macroevolution in the form of speciation as evidence for evolution.

  3. Several people have tried to collect on his challenge, only to get a runaround or to be ignored:
    In short, the challenge is a fraud.


Pieret, John. 2002. Kent Hovind's $250,000 Offer.


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