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Claim CA342:

A standing offer exists for a written debate between Walt Brown and an evolutionist, the debate to be published later. In over fifteen years, no evolutionist has accepted this offer.


Brown, Walt. 1995. In the beginning: Compelling evidence for creation and the Flood. Phoenix, AZ: Center for Scientific Creation, 212.


  1. Several aspects of Brown's twenty-two requirements may make his debate unattractive. The editor for the debate (who must be qualified, willing, and impartial) would be very difficult to find. Brown requires that his challenger must have a PhD, for no good reason. He stipulates that he will not allow theology into the debate, despite the fact that creationism is nothing but theology and that Brown himself uses theology as the basis for his conclusions.

  2. People have attempted to debate Walt Brown, but Brown refuses.
  3. Brown himself refuses to debate in the proper venue for deciding scientific questions: scientific conferences and peer-reviewed literature.


  1. Meert, Joe. 2003. Walt Brown's pseudochallenge.

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