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Claim CB930.2:

In 1977, a plesiosaur carcass was netted by a Japanese trawler.


Swanson, R., 1978. A (recently) living plesiosaur found? Creation Research Society Quarterly 15(1): 8.
Morris, John D., 1999. Dinosaurs, The Lost World, and You, Master Books, p. 38


  1. The carcass was a partly decomposed basking shark, according to tissue samples and descriptions and sketches by witnesses. Reports that it was a plesiosaur were based on a superficial resemblance caused by the pattern in which sharks decay and were spread and exaggerated by news media hype (Kuban 1997).

  2. Even if the carcass were a plesiosaur, the find would not have been a challenge to evolution. The theory of evolution does not demand that species go extinct after a certain amount of time.


  1. Kuban, Glen J., 1997. Sea monster or shark? An analysis of a supposed plesiosaur carcass netted in 1977. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 17(3): 16-28.

Further Reading:

Kuban, Glen J., 1997 (see above).
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