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Claim CB930.3:

An apatosaurus-like dinosaur may still be alive in swamps in the Congo.


Doolan, Robert. 1993. Are Dinosaurs alive today? Where Jurassic Park went wrong. Creation Ex Nihilo 15(4) (Sep.): 12-15.
Hovind, Kent. 1998. Dr. Hovind's "Creation Seminar" part 3b: Dinosaurs alive today.


  1. The reputed "dinosaur," Mokele-mbembe, is folklore. O'Hanlon (1997, 373) reported the answer upon asking a native if he had seen Mokele-mbembe:
    "What a stupid question," said Doubla, looking genuinely surprised. . . . "Mokele-mbembe is not an animal like a gorilla or python. And Mokele-mbembe is not a sacred animal. It doesn't appear to people. It is an animal of mystery. It exists because we imagine it. But to see it--never. You don't see it."
    Other reports, though some treat Mokele-mbembe as real, are also folkloric; they make good stories, but there is no tangible evidence. It is nigh impossible that a population of very large, very distinctive land animals could have eluded human exploration so completely.

  2. A living dinosaur would not be a problem for evolution even if it existed.


  1. O'Hanlon, Redmond. 1997. No Mercy: A journey to the heart of the Congo. New York: Knopf. See also: Book reviews. Smithsonian Magazine, 1998 (Aug.),

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