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Claim CC120:

A fossilized human finger has been found from the Cretaceous.


Lines, David, 1995. The fossilized human finger.


  1. The finger looks similar in size and shape to the cylindrical sediment infillings of Ophiomorpha or Thalassinoides shrimp burrows commonly found in Cretaceous rocks. It could also be merely an eroded concretion. Although its general shape is fingerlike, it has none of the fine structure one would expect from a finger.

  2. The fossil was not found in situ, so it cannot be conclusively associated with Cretaceous formations (Kuban 1996). Even if it were a real fossil finger, it would be of no value as evidence against evolution.


Kuban, Glen J., 2012. An Alleged Cretaceous Finger.

Kuban, Glen J. 1996. A review of NBC's "The Mysterious Origins of Man".


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