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Claim CC130:

An iron hammer with wooden handle was found embedded in rock in Cretaceous sediments (or Ordovician, by some accounts) near London, Texas. The enclosing rock contains Lower Cretaceous fossils.


Patton, Don, n.d. Fossilized hammer.


  1. The hammer is encrusted with calcium carbonate, which can happen quickly. The fossils are in nearby rocks, not part of the material encrusting the hammer. There is no evidence that the hammer is more than a few decades old.


Kuban, Glen J. 1997. The London hammer: An alleged out-of-place artifact.

Matson, Dave E. 1994. How good are those young-earth arguments?

Further Reading:

Cole, John R. 1985. If I had a hammer. Creation/Evolution 5(1): 46-47.
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