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Claim CI410:

Design requires a designer; contrivance requires a contriver.


Paley, William, 1802. Natural Theology: or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity. London: J. Faulder, p. 11.


  1. Design does not require an anthropomorphized designer. Designs appear in clouds, for example, with no more of a designer than uneven heating, evaporation, and other natural causes.

    Even an anthropomorphized designer need not be a deity. The atheistic religion of Raelianism, for example, proposes that humans were created by extraterrestrials (Raelian Movement, n.d.).

  2. Evolution is a designer. Via variation and selection, it serves to favor reproduction and shape things according to environmental conditions.

  3. If the designer does not need a designer to create it, why should other things?


  1. Raelian Movement. n.d. The Raelian Revolution.

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