.Jackson, Michael
[?-] TAE.
.Jefferys, Bill
[?-] Astronomer, T.o. regular. Professor of Astronomy at UT Austin. Writes a lot about uses of Bayesian statistics. CWACK, Professor of Astrology and Lunacy at the U. of E. Has WWW page: http://quasar.as.utexas.edu containing more biographical information.
.Johnson, Mark Arvid
[?-] SciCre-ist. Active on the Science echo, AI echo, talk.origins, and Evolution echo. Fond of misquotations.
.Johnson, Phillip E.
[1940-] TAE. Law professor at Berkeley. Author of "Darwin On Trial" (1993). Hit and run poster on t.o.
.Johnston, Eddie
[?-] TAE. Krishna consciousness anti- evolution poster on the Evolution Echo.
.Jones, Davey
[?-] TAE. Active on Evolution Echo.
.Jones, David M.