acronym, see Theistic Anti- Evolutionist
Taoistic Creationism
(np) 1. The religious belief that the Universe was designed and/or created without either a Designer and/or a Creator. [Originally posted by Rob "More Reserved than C-Frog" Derrick.]
(n) See truism.
Theistic Anti- Evolutionist
(np) 1. Any person who expresses opposition to EMTs when motivated by religious doctrine, as contrasted with those who propose alternative hypotheses and theories within the framework of the scientific method. The TAE tends to confuse evolution and EMTs, which typically results in the TAE making specific criticisms of a particular EMT while asserting that all EMTs are affected. [den., Rob "More Reserved than C-Frog" Derrick (confirm?)].
Theistic Evolutionist
(np) 1. A person who attempts to reconcile the physical evidence of origins with a scriptural or other theological belief framework, giving equal credence to the aspects of science and theology.
(n) 1. A statement which proposes a natural mechanism for a phenomenon, where the mechanism is amenable to test, provides explanatory and predictive power, is conditionally held on review of further observations and experiment, and has accumulated supporting observations and experimental results. [den., science] 2. Just a guess. [conn., SciCre]
Theory of Abrupt Appearance
(n) 1. A theory(2) that gaps in the fossil record are simply gaps, and will not be filled by further paleontological research. At least, so hope the SciCre-ists and TAEs headed by Wendell Bird.
Theory of Creation(ism)
* (np) 1. A much talked about, but never seen, theory(1) which places creationism into the realm of scientific inquiry. Dr Pepper is noted for requesting a statement of the TOC from SciCre-ists and TAEs. 2. "[God | Ea | Krishna | Ymir | IPU | etc.] did it." This, unfortunately, fails to meet several of the criteria for a theory(1), although it handily meets the laxer criteria of a theory(2). Also unfortunately, TOC(2) is so far the closest approach to TOC(1) that has been observed. (Please send more names to include in the quoted section of TOC(2).) 4. Any legitimate scientific theory with the key phrase run through a search and replace function where the new phrase becomes "creation". [conn., Joe Morlan]
(n) 1. Artificial life simulation of Tom Ray's which demonstrates the utility of natural selection in computer implementations for finding novel approaches to difficult problems. This is prima facie evidence that A.E. Wilder-Smith was premature in declaring "simulations of natural selection 'jam' the best computers".
acronym, see Theory of Creation(ism).
t.o. home game
(np) [FAQ] 1. Chris Colby's statement of point assignments to be credited or debited to persons on the observation of certain events in threads on talk.origins. Chris has lately come out with an addition to the point assignment rules to make it easier for SciCre-ists and TAEs to participate in the fun.
t.o. Regulars, The (aka The t.o. Irregulars)
(np) 1. A plucky band of derring-do- gooders, who have dedicated their free time to stamp out the idiocy that is SciCre. 2. A plucky band of Atheistic-Communist puppets set upon destroying all that is holy in the world. [conn., SciCre] 3. A tree full of Howler Monkeys. [conn., Ted Holden]
True Science
(np) 1. Science operated with respect for the inconsistent skepticism of SciCre-ists and TAEs. In other words, not science, but dogma.
(n) See tautology.
(n) 1. The sea squirt, an urochordate. In its larval stage, it has a notochord and rudimentary brain. At metamorphosis, it attaches itself to a fixed location and the notochord and brain wither away. The adult is just a breathing bag covered in mucus. 2. (spelled Tun-icate) A poster who is strong proof of the close evolutionary relationship of vertebrates with the urochordates.