.Raup, David M.
[?-] Biologist. Co-initiator of the "Nemesis" hypothesis, which tries to explain mass extinctions by a dark companion of the Sun that regularly comes close to it and thus causes large amounts of meteors. Also well known for research into artificial phylogenies controlled by stochastic rules.
.Rawlins, Bill
[?-] SciCre-ist.
.Ray, Tom
[?-] Ecologist. Noted for his 'Tierra' artificial life simulation. A file on Tierra can be found in the ftp archive maintained by Brett Vickers.
.Regen, Joel H.
[?-] TAE. Humbly apologized before disappearing. Kudos!
.Reinoso, Ivan Ordonez
.Rice, David
[?-] Anti-religionist. Evolution echo participant.
.Rice, Robert
[?-] SciCre-ist. Evolution Echo participant. Posts have little content, much sarcastic tone. Responses generally ignore substance, accuse respondents of "insults" or "foul and abusive" language.
.Rogers, Alan R.
.Rose, Lynn
[?-] Philosopher, Velikovskian. Professor at SUNY Buffalo whose avocation is the promotion of Velikovsky.
.Ross, Hugh
[?-] Creationist. Old-earth creationist.
.Rowe, Mickey
[?-] Neuroscientist. T.o. regular. Author of FAQ on vision.
.Rupright, Mark
[?-] T.o. regular.
.Ruse, Michael
[?-] Philosopher. Author or editor of books including "Darwinism Defended" (197?), and "But Is It Science?" (1988). Testified for the plaintiffs in the 1981 Arkansas Act 590 "Balanced Treatment" trial. Ruse's philosophical viewpoint is clearly reflected in Judge Overton's decision. Ruse came under fire from fellow philosophers Larry Laudan and Philip Quinn for his testimony in the Arkansas trial; he has subsequently backed away from the stance he took. (See "But Is It Science?" and Ruse's talk at the 1993 (?) AAAS session sponsored by the NCSE.)