.O'Rear, Greg
[?-] TAE.
.Ogden, C.
[?-] TAE. Placed an artificial error into the Anthropomorphic Principle, then said "Hey, there's an error in there!".
.Osborn, Henry Fairfield
[1857-1935] Paleontologist. Proponent of "aristogenesis", a variant of orthogenesis. Part of the group which misclassified Nebraska Man (Hesperopithecus), also the leader of the group which did more field work and discovered the misclassification.
.Osborne, Chris D.
[?-] SciCre-ist. Assistant Professor of Biology at the ICR, visiting faculty.
.Otto, Jeff
[?-] Geneticist. Graduate student at Marquette University. Regular on the Evolution Echo, former co-moderator of the Evolution Echo, and t.o. participant. Author of FAQ on abiogenesis.
.Overton, William
[1939-1987] Jurist. Presided over the 1981 Arkansas Act 590 "Balanced Treatment" trial. His decision in this case is considered a lucid exposition of why SciCre is religion, not science.
.Owen, Richard
[1804-1892] Paleontologist. Creationist; at first friend, then main opponent of Charles Darwin.