acronym, see Institute for Creation Research
Ice core
* (np) [FAQ] 1. A sample of ice taken from glaciers or other accumulations, often showing seasonal layering. [den., science] Ice cores can be dated by multiple independent means, with the oldest published date of 140,000 + - 15,000 years for the Vostok core from Antarctica [references in the FAQ]. 2. Item of evidence misinterpreted due to uniformitarian/uniformitarian BS assumptions. [conn., Ted Holden]
Inimitable One, The
(np) 1. Reference to Ted Holden, vocal proponent of Velikovsky as the ultimate source of information on origins. See Bird's Eye Frozen Foods Division(2), Electro-magnetic Forces(2), Felt Effect of Gravity. This appellation was designed to allow for the creation of specific kill files, and is usually reserved for flames of The Inimitable One, or for the umpteenth refutation of the same tired FRAs from The Inimitable One. See A rgumentum ad Assertion Repetitio ad Nauseam.
Institute for Creation Research
(np) [FAQ] 1. A facility dedicated to the advancement of SciCre located in San Diego, California.
(n) 1. Crossover with one or both exchanged chromosome fragments flipped end for end. 2. Reversing the meaning of a quotation through misquotation. 3. Atmospheric condition in which a mass of warm air remains at a low altitude.
Invisible Pink Unicorn, The
(np) 1. A meta-symbol for replacement of any supernatural agent forwarded in an explanation of origins or descent, where the argument depends upon the unknowable nature of the supernatural agent. 2. Horrible, blasphemous non sequitur forwarded by desperate evilutionists.
acronym, see Invisible Pink Unicorn, The
Irrefutable truth
(np) 1. Self-evident or easily verified pronouncement in accordance with reality. [den.] 2. FRA brazenly put forward as if true. See Paluxy River. 3. True by A rgumentum ad Assertion Repetitio ad Nauseam; irrefutable because the arguer refuses to acknowledge the existence of, much less the value in, rebuttals to the main assertion. Flame-bait.
Isochron dating
(np) [FAQ] 1. A self-checking method of dating used with several radioisotopes. [den., science] 2. Desperate propaganda forwarded by geologists and others to hide the failure of absolute radioisotope dating techniques to provide reliable results. [conn., TAE]