acronym, "Frequently Asked But Never Answered Question(s)". Originated by Tom Scharle.
(n) 1. Mode of invalid argumentation which comprises the text of one's correspondents' posts, and which is never seen in one's own. ;-)
False dichotomy
(np) 1. The principle that since no one brought apples to the picnic, pears must have been brought instead. Actually, though, everyone brought potato salad exclusively. An interesting example of an attempted false dichotomy usage was at the 1981 Arkansas Act 590 trial, where one of the lawyers for Arkansas, whose name was Wilson, tried to get Francisco Ayala to agree with the "two-model" argument. Ayala replied, "My name is not not-Mr. Williams. This courtroom is filled with people whose names are not not-Mr. Williams."
(adj) 1. As prescribed by Karl Popper, the property which is required for a theory(1) to be scientific. There must be some test which can be performed that will indicate that the theory is wrong. For example, the flat-Earth theory can be falsified by circumnavigating the planet; the theory is thus scientific, although falsified. Despite recent SciCre legal and propaganda tactics, evolution is falsifiable.
acronym, "Frequently Answered Question(s)".
(n) 1. A hostname of a machine connected to the Internet which was a host for an apparent net parasite.
Felt Effect of Gravity
(np) 1. The assertion that the gravitational attraction attributable to earth's mass was offset in the past by the close proximity of Saturn. The major evidence for this view is the weightlifting ability of Kazmaier and the selected stories, legends, and myths of certain nations. Used, if not originated, by Ted Holden.
acronym, "Frequently Given-out Understanding", any of a number of illiterate writings elsewhere described as FAQs, FRAs, FABNAQs, or jargon files. [den., Ted Holden, who gives as a vocalization guide for FGU the string "fugg-U"]
acronym, "Favorite Incoming Flame". A bit of derogatory rhetoric directed at a person which, due to its source, is considered a compliment instead. For example, Chris Nedin often includes a quote from Carl Wieland, a down-under SciCre-ist, in Nedin's signature, stating, "How can Nedin be trusted?"
(n) [FAQ] 1. An insult, put-down, or other invective aimed at another participant in a discussion.
(v) [FAQ] 1. The act of insulting, putting down, or lading with invective another party in a discussion.
(n) 1. A lot of standing water where it isn't usually encountered. [den., science] See Flood, The. Examples include the largest floods known from examination of geology, the "Spokane Flood" or "Lake Missoula Flood", which was actually a repeated series of flood events caused by glacial damming and release cycles that carved out the "scablands" formations of eastern Washington state.
Flood, The
(np) [FAQ] 1. The deluge which is related in Genesis chapter six and thereafter. Syn., "the deluge", "the Noachian deluge", etc. [den., TAE] 2. The stuffing of a "newbie"'s mailbox with FAQs and flames after a round of blithe parroting of the TAE or SciCre party line. [conn., t.o. regulars] See irrefutable truth.
(n) 1. Program patterned after the "fortune" utility, which emits a short aphorism with each invocation. ForTun, however, emits a short quote taken from the posts of the noted SciCre presence, Lionel Tun. For all that ForTun selects such quotes by chance from a collected database of Tun-ian pearls, conversation with ForTun provides an eerie verisimilitude in respect to conversation with Lionel. [Program named and written by W. Kurt vonRoeschlaub.]
acronym, "Frequently Questioned Answers".
acronym, "Frequently Rebutted Assertion(s)".