.Nanson, Paul
[?-] TAE. Participant on Startext Forum (late 1980's), GEnie, and t.o. Displayed a touch of the Kalki Syndrome in accusing t.o. correspondents of "censorship" while simultaneously calling for a moderated newsgroup which would exclude any and all corrections to SciCre misinformation.
.Nedin, Chris
[?-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Marsupials".
.Neff, John
[?-] TAE. Imported from soc.religion.christian.bible-study.
.Nicholls, Philip A.
[?-] Anthropologist. T.o. regular, participant on GEnie and FidoNet Evolution Echo.
.Nicoll, James Davis
.Numbers, Ronald L.
[?-] Historian. Author of "The Creationists" (1992). Professor of History of Science and Medicine at University of Wisconsin, Madison.