(n) 1. Appellation for a Hare Krishna hive entity which sporadically posts to t.o. as "Kalki Dasa". Kalki has the most parodied .sig in t.o. circles.
Kalki Syndrome, The
(np) 1. Appellation for behavior in which a poster makes a scathing critique of the behavior of others, which actually is much more cogently applied to the poster himself. [den., Benjamin Dehner] See Kalki, hypocrisy.
* (n) 1. Unit of relationship beyond which genetic change cannot alter descendents. [den., TAE] Unfortunately, this is an operational rather than observationally based definition. 2. An inadequately referenced or defined grouping not amenable to analysis. [conn., science] Typically employed by SciCre-ists and TAEs when they become flustered.
(adj) 1. Giving the benefit of doubt beyond all reason; withholding flamage despite massive provocation; conducting discussion without resort to witticism and sarcasm. Unlike a TOC, kind conduct has been spotted, albeit rarely, on t.o. and the Evolution Echo.