(adj) 1. In eukaryotes, having only half the normal complement of chromosomes. 2. What the "H." in "Jesus H. Christ" stands for.
Hopeful Monster
(np) 1. The expression of a systemic mutation as described by Richard Goldschmidt. A pair of such "hopeful monsters" of complementary sex might form the basis for a new species, giving a saltational character to speciation processes.
acronym, "Holden Technical Enterprises", which engages in dealing with foreign languages for computers, statistical text search techniques, etc. The single proprietorship of the Inimitable One.
(n) 1. The identification of a vice in others which is considered a virtue in oneself. 2. The application of a double standard, in which others are deprecated for behaving as one does oneself. 3. Word which cannot be speeled corrictly on the ferst attempt. [conn., t.o. regulars] 4. Flames which are motivated by spelling errors. ;-)
(n) 1. A statement which proposes a natural mechanism for a phenomenon, where the mechanism is amenable to test, provides explanatory and predictive power, and is conditionally held on review of further observations and experiment. [den., science] 2. A guess. [conn., TAE]