.Gaitonde, Dinesh D.
.Garwood, Bob
[?-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Creationist credentials".
.Ginenthal, Charles
[? -] Velikovskian.
.Gish, Duane
[1921-] SciCre-ist. Professor of Biochemistry at the ICR. Noted for his books, including "Evolution? The Fossils Say No!" (1978), "Evolution: The Challenge of the fossil Record" (198?), and "Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics" (1994); and also for smaller works, like "Have You Been Brainwashed?" (1974). Skilled debater, a master of quick wit, the ad hominem, the strawman, and the non sequitur argument.
.Glenn, Steve
.Godowski, John
[?-] TAE. Catastrophist.
.Goldschmidt, Richard
[1878-1958] Geneticist. Noted for his book, "The Material Basis of Evolution" (1940), in which he advanced a hypothesis of macroevolution via systemic or macro- mutations. This is popularly known as the Hopeful Monster hypothesis.
.Goltz, Pat
[?-] SciCre -ist. Participant on the Science echo circa 1990.
.Gould, Stephen Jay
[?-] Paleontologist. Co-author, with Niles Eldredge, of paper introducing punctuated equilibria. Specializes in Bahamian pulmonate snails. Author of many books, including "The Mismeasure of Man" (1981), "Ontogeny And Phylogeny" (1977), "Ever Since Darwin" (1977), "Darwin's Legacy" (1983), "The Panda's Thumb" (1980), "Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes" (1983), "The Flamingo's Smile" (1985), "Bully For Brontosaurus" (1991), "An Urchin in the Storm" (1987), "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle" (1987), "Book Of Life" (1993), "Eight Little Piggies" (1993), and "Wonderful Life" (1989). Wrote a review of Phillip Johnson's "Darwin On Trial" for the July 1992 Scientific American which sparked much controversy online. Tom Bethell apparently considers himself a self-appointed nemesis for Gould.
.Gonda, David
[?-] T.o. regular.
.Gosse, Philip Henry
[1810-1888] Author of "Omphalos" (1857), which advanced the idea that God created the earth with "the appearance of age". See the Jargon File entry for Gosse hypothesis.
.Graf, Claus
[?-] TAE. Forwards the Gosse hypothesis.
.Grahm, Mats
[?-] T.o. regular.
.Grasse, Pierre
[1895-?] Zoologist. An anti-Darwinian zoologist often quoted by SciCre-ists. Author of "Evolution of Living Organisms: Evidence for a New Theory of Transformation" (1977) and "Larousse Encyclopedia of the Animal World" (1975).
.Grubaugh, Bob
[?-] Engineer, Velikovskian. Originator of the Grubaugh Model.
.Grumbine, Robert
[?-] T.o. regular.