.Eldredge, Niles
[?-] Paleontologist. First author of paper introducing punctuated equilibria, with Stephen Jay Gould. Noted for several books, including "The Monkey Business" (1982), "Time Frames" (1985), and "Life Pulse" (1987).
.Ellenberger, Leroy
[? -] Renegade Velikovskian.
.Ellington, A.D.
[?-] Abiogenesis researcher. T.o. regular under the pseudonym "Deaddog".
.Elsberry, Wesley R.
[1960-] Zoologist, computer scientist. Graduate student in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences at TAMU, has MSCS (UTA, 1989) and BS Zoology (UF, 1982). Author of the t.o./Evolution Echo Jargon file, the "Chuck Maier Whopper Database", and compiler of this file. Active in artificial neural network technology, sysop of the Central Neural System BBS (409- 737-5222), founder and moderator of the FidoNet Evolution Echo. (10/1994: welsberr@orca.tamu.edu)
.Englin, Dennis L.
[?-] SciCre-ist. Professor of Geophysics at the ICR, visiting faculty.