.Baalke, Ron
.Bales, Bob
[?-] TAE. Long-time t.o. participant, noted for posting critiques of evolutionary theory but refusing to either support or retract his claims. See Balesian inference.
.Barnes, Thomas
[1911-] SciCre-ist. Faculty at UTEP, of decreasing magnetic field strength fame. Author of "Foundations of Electricity and Magnetism" (1965). President of the CRS in the mid- 1970s. Physicist; has honorary D.Sc. from Hardin-Simmons Univ. M.S. in physics from Brown Univ.
.Battin, Laurence Gene
.Baugh, Carl
[?-] SciCre-ist. Self-awarded Ph.D. with a hammer. Operates the "Creation Evidences Museum" in Glen Rose, Texas, near the Paluxy River dinosaur trackway site.
.Bertsche, Kirk
.Bethell, Tom
[?-] TAE. Columnist for "American Spectator" magazine. Has claimed that natural selection reduces to a tautology, regularly baits Stephen Jay Gould in print.
.Biele, Arthur
[?-] SciCre-ist. Participant on Evolution echo, some posts from a local religion echo were reposted in t.o. Aggressively arrogant in denouncing evolutionary mechanism theories, asserted that no transitional forms existed. Given transitional form challenge in June, 1994, has not yet made a substantive response.
.Bishop, Sue
[?-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Mammoths".
.Bliss, Richard B.
[?-] SciCre- ist. Chair of Science Education department at the ICR.
.Botha, Stephen
.Boxhorn, Joseph E.
[?-] Biologist. Author of FAQ on species concepts and speciation events.
.Boyden, Aaron
[?-] Philosopher. Evolution Echo regular.
.Bradley, Seth J.
[?-] Computer scientist. T.o. regular.
.Brannan, Jack
[?-] SciCre-ist, Velikovskian. Reposts refuted arguments, usually in a different distribution channel from the last time he posted the same argument. Active in the Evolution Echo and the Biogenesis Echo.
.Brasfield, Barbara
[? -] SciCre-ist. Fond of posting "quotes" of scientists, usually out of context. Was active in the Evolution Echo in spring 1993.
.Brawley, John
[?-] ?. Author of FAQ on Gentry's Po-halo research, basically found that Radon 222 could leave the same signature as Polonium given the tests which Gentry conducted. Advances a "quantum god conjecture" which posits that one emergent property of quantum effects could be a universal intelligence.
.Brinkman, Matt
[?-] T.o. participant, author of FAQ listing, and FAQ on "Ice core dating".
.Broughton, Wayne
[?-] T.o. participant, author of file on "Evolution and creation seminar at Caltech".
.Brown, Michael Rogero
[?-] T.o. participant, author of file on "Flat Earth Society flyer".
.Brown, Walter
[?-] SciCre-ist. Author of much-copied (and plagiarized) list of reasons why evolution is false.
.Bryan, William Jennings
[1860-1925] TAE, politician. Populist candidate for president, noted for "Cross of Gold" speech in favor of free silver. Also noted for his participation in the prosecution of the Scopes trial. Bryan died shortly after the Scopes trial ended.
.Burdick, Clifford
[?-?] SciCre-ist. Was a geology grad student at the University of Arizona, denied degree when he failed prelims. Has claimed it was because he was a creationist, but also admitted he wasn't well prepared. Early advocate of Paluxy footprints.