Electro-magnetic Forces
(np) 1. Physical forces that are completely described by Maxwell's equations (classically) or by QED (quantum mechanically). [den., science] 2. Weird, eerie, otherworldly forces capable of doing any thing at any time for any reason. [conn., Ted Holden]
(n) 1. The typographical symbols "...", "....", "...?", etc., which in a quotation indicate an intentional omission of words, an abrupt change of thought, a lapse of time, or an incomplete statement. The four-character forms are used when the omission extends to the end of the sentence. Brackets should be used if confusion as to the source of the "..." (the original material, or the person making the quote) may occur, as "[...]". 2. In the publications of certain groups, an almost certain indicator of misquotation; cf. ICR.
acronym, see Evolutionary Mechanism Theory.
* (n) 1. S = k*ln(w); where S is entropy, ln is the natural logarithm operator, k is Boltzmann's constant (1.38E-23 J/K), and w is the number of quantum states in the system. 2. A mysterious and arcane technical factor that discredits evolution(3) utterly. [conn., SciCre] 3. Symbol for a measure of information content in strings forwarded by Claude E. Shannon on the advice of John Von Neumann: "Call it 'entropy'; no one knows what that is, so you won't be questioned about it." [entropy(3) etymology via Karl Pribram, personal communication.]
(n) 1. An object or objects whose existence, attributes, or organization provides empirical support for a hypothesis or theory. [den., science]
(n) 1. The worldwide Communist - Satanist - Free-Silver - Unionist - Sadist supersecret cabal and conspiracy to remove morals and respect for God from human society using biological science concepts that very few people understand anyway. At the last announcement, it cost $20 (payable to Ybloc Sirhc) just to get the membership application information to join the conspiracy. One wonders how this plot can succeed where Envy, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Avarice, Lust, and the other one no one remembers failed to do the trick.
(n) 1. A proponent or dupe of the evilution conspiracy. Since proponents are masters of indirection, most known evilutionists are dupes. See Ybloc Sirhc. [Originated by Lionel Tun.]
(n) [FAQ] 1. Change in allele frequency in a population over time. [den., science] This denotation is phenomenological, that is, it represents the minimum phenomenon which biologists will, when questioned, admit fits the term "evolution" and cannot be covered completely under "adaptation", "variation", or the like. It is also inclusive, that is, all evolutionary phenomena can be recognized by the means described in the denotation. This denotation does not make reference to or implications about evolutionary processes. The means by which the allele frequency changes occur are the subjects of a number of EMTs, such as natural selection and genetic drift. See Chris Colby's Evolution Primer and Larry Moran's essays for details. 2. The descent of all living organisms from a common ancestor or a relatively small set of common ancestors. [den., science] This is the non- reductionist formulation of evolution(1). 3. Changes in adaptation and diversity in populations of organisms. [den., Ernst Mayr] Often forwarded in preference to evolution(1) by certain people. 4. The belief that all life originated, complexified, and diversified via chance mutations and descent as a random process. This (erroneous) connotation is quite common in the USA. [conn., TAE]
Evolutionary Mechanism Theory
(np) 1. Any one of several theories(1) in biology dealing explicitly with some aspect of evolution or cumulative evolution(cumulative selection). Examples include Sewall Wright's "shifting-balance theory", Eldredge and Gould's "punctuated equilibrium theory", the theory of common descent, Darwin's "descent with modification", and Henry Fairfield Osborn's "orthogenesis". While "evolutionary theory" is equivalent, the point that mechanisms are proposed and tested in EMTs is worthy of stress and repetition.
* (n) 1. Conditional acceptance of one or more EMTs based upon the overwhelming evidence found for such. [den., science] 2. Rejection of SciCre or the conjectures of Velikovsky. [conn., TAE] 3. Uniformitarian BS. [conn., Ted Holden] 4. Philosophy of inevitable development. [conn., C.S. Lewis(?)]
* (n) 1. One who is active in research of one or more EMTs, or who applies one or more EMTs in their research or occupation. [den., science] 2. Anyone supportive of or in agreement with one or more EMTs. [conn., laypeople] 3. Uniformitarian BS artist. [conn., Ted Holden] 4. One who derides others' beliefs and is rude. [conn., Joe Morlan, added by request]