? Old-Earth
(adj) 1. Referring to creationist varieties in which the universe and Earth are acknowledged to be old (as indicated by science) but certain features -- particularly mankind -- are considered recently created.
(n) 1. A portion of text which appears in an original source but is left out of a quotation. All omissions must be indicated by ellipses in order to avoid turning a quotation into a misquotation.
* (n) 1. The process of the development and growth of an individual from zygote to adult. [den., science] 2. One third of Ernst Haeckel's famous, but flawed, dictum that "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny".
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
(s) 1. The principle that each phase of the ontogeny of an individual directly represents the adult phase of some ancestor species in the phylogeny of the species to which the indivdual belongs. The turn of phrase is attributed to Ernst Haeckel, while the "biogenetic law" upon which it was based can be traced back to von Baer. This principle is recognized to be inaccurate in several respects, and its use is generally deprecated. [den., science]