.Maier, Chuck
[?-] SciCre-ist. Active in the Science echo from June, 1991 to May, 1992. Would often repost the same previously refuted argument. This led to the creation of the "Chuck Maier Whopper Database", which documented already-refuted arguments which Chuck had made.
.MacRae, Andrew
[?-] T.o. regular, author of files on "Footprints in coal" and "Ted Holden's world".
.Malthus, Thomas
[1766-1834] Author of an article which pointed out that populations grow in geometric proportion, but food production only increased arithmetically. Concluded that without some interference, there would be a calamitous crash in population when food supplies failed to keep up. Both Darwin and Wallace credit Malthus with triggering their central insights on the mechanism of natural selection.
.Margulis, Lynn
[?-] Biologist. Originator of endosymbiotic hypothesis of eukaryote cell origin. Former spouse of Carl Sagan.
.Marlowe, Thomas
.Matheson, Stephen
[?-] Neuroscience graduate student at the University of Arizona. Defender of Forrest Mims III on the Net.
.Mayr, Ernst
[1904-] Ornithologist, evolutionary theorist. Promulgated the Biological Species Concept (BSC). His books include "The Growth of Biological Thought" (1982), "Toward a New Philosphy of Biology" (1988), "One Long Argument" (1991), and "Animal Species" (1963).
.Mazumder, Bobby
[?-] TAE. Islamic fundamentalist anti-evolutionist.
.McCulloch, Michael
[? -] TAE. Forwards the Argument from design.
.McGowan, Christopher
[?-] Zoologist. Professor at University of Toronto. Author of "In the Beginning: A Scientist Shows Why the Creationists are Wrong" (1984).
.McIver, Tom
[1951-] Anthropologist (Ph.D., UCLA), did dissertation on creationism. Author of "Anti-Evolution: An Annotated Bibliography" (1988).
.Mendel, Gregor
[1822-1884] Abbot. Founder of the field of genetics. Published results of his well-designed experiments in 1865, but the consequences of that work were not recognized until 1900. Fisher's critique accusing Mendel of fudging his data ignored the basic biology of the species of pea which Mendel used.
.Meritt, Jim
[?-] T.o. regular. Author of broad-ranging FAQ covering many SciCre claims, and file on "Speciation".
.Meyer, John R.
[?-] SciCre- ist. Professor of Biology at the ICR, visiting faculty.
.Meyer, Mark
:Mims, Forrest M. III.:
[1944-] Science writer, {TAE}. 1. Mims is well known for his prolific writings about electronics projects. Mims is also well known for his complaints against Scientific American magazine and former SciAm editor Jonathan Piel, wherein he charges that he was denied a columnist position writing The Amateur Scientist column due to religious discrimination. During the interview, Jonathan Piel asked what other writing Mims did and Mims listed various articles, among them two articles about organizing long-distance bicycle field trips for church kids. This prompted the question, "Do you believe in Darwin's theory of evolution?" to which Mims replied, "No, and neither does Stephen Jay Gould." SciAm declined to hire Mims but published three of his columns--which editor Piel declared to be "fabulous" and "outstanding". Mims decried the decision not to hire. Mims also later taped without consent a telephone conversation with Piel, of which a transcript was published in Harper's Magazine in reponse to denials made by Piel. Every now and then, the Mims/SciAm flap is brought up in online discussion.
.Moran, L.A.
[?-] Biologist. T.o. regular and author of FAQs on "Evolution fact and theory", "Evolution definition", "Dmitri Kousnetsov", "Modern Synthesis", and "Genetic drift".
.Morlan, Joe
[?-] Ornithologist. Cites Mayr like SciCre-ists cite scripture. Tends to delete relevant context from correspondent's posts in replies leading to misrepresentation of their positions. His response to Dr Pepper's SciCre Game ignores the -5 penalties for lying about evolution.
.Morgan, Alan
[?-] (aka C. Frog)
.Morgan, Elaine
[?-] Author of "The Aquatic Ape" (1982).
.Morris, Henry Madison
[1918-] SciCre-ist. Founder and president of the ICR, also Professor of Hydrology there. A hydraulic engineer by training and profession, has written many books involving biblical exegesis and hermeneutics. His books incude "The Genesis Flood" (Whitcomb & Morris 1961), "The Long War Against God" (1989), "Scientific Creationism" (1974, 1895), and "The Scientific Case for Creation" (1977).
.Morris, John
[1946-] SciCre-ist. Son of Henry Morris, trained in geological engineering, Professor of Geology at the ICR. Noted for his excursions to Turkey looking for traces of Noah's Ark.
.Morton, Glenn
[?-] T.o. regular.
.Mullins, Scott H.
[?-] T.o. regular.
.Munch, John