.Vardiman, Larry
[?-] SciCre-ist. Chair of the Astro/Geophysics department and Professor of Physics at the ICR. Appeared on "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark."
.Varughese, T.V.
[?-] SciCre-ist. Associate Professor of Mathematics at the ICR, adjunct faculty.
.Velikovsky, Immanuel
[1895-1979] Psychologist. Proposed a view of mythology which turned the movements of the planets of the solar system into a kind of celestial pinball game. Velikovskian scholarship appears to consist of ignoring data in favor of myth and the aggressive ad hominem denunciation of any who disagree with their interpretations.
.Vickers, Brett J.
[?-] Computer scientist. Maintains the talk.origins ftp site (10/1994: ics.uci.edu::/pub/origins) and WWW home page (10/1994: http://rumba.ics.uci.edu:8080/). Author of file on "CRS creed".
.Vonroeschlaub, Warren
[1966-] Mathematician. T.o. regular. Author of the "God and Evolution" FAQ, ForTun, and Creavolov.