.Cardona, Dwardu
[?-] Velikovskian. Has been seen on t.o.
.Carroll, Corey
[?-] T.o. participant, author of file on "Review of JW book, 'Life'".
.Chick, Jack
[?-] TAE. Author of religious comic pamphlets attacking evolution.
.Christensen, Jens Peter Reus
[?-] SciCre-ist. Active on t.o.
.Clausen, Aaron
.Clippingdale, Simon
.Cochran, Keith
[?-] An early and consistent user of the "geek index" in his .sig.
.Cochrane, Everett "Ev"
[?-] Velikovskian. Editor of Aeon Journal. Has been arguing the claim that Charles Darwin was an "ardent" supporter of Lamarckism; so far, Ev has supported the claim that Darwin did use Lamarckian concepts, but not the "ardent" part.
.Colby, Chris
[?-] Biologist. Graduate student in biology at Boston University, working on quantifiable index of extent of directed mutagenesis in cell lineages. Author of introductory FAQs: "Animal development", "Common descent", "Creationist dishonesty", "Evolution research", "Introduction to evolutionary biology", and "Evidence for jury-rigged design". Dean of the U. of E. (10/1994: colby@bu- bio.bu.edu)
.Conner, Bill
.Cook, Suzanne
[?-] TAE. Forwards the Gosse hypothesis.
.Cox, Ken
.Cranford, Michael
[?-] T.o. participant, author of files on "Creationist credentials", and "Forrest Mims".
.Crick, Francis
[1916-] Biochemist. Co-discoverer with James D. Watson of the double helix structure of DNA. Noted for musings about panspermia.
.Cumming, Kenneth B.
[?-] SciCre-ist. Dean of the Graduate School at the ICR.
.Cummins, Andrew
[?-] SciCre-ist. Participant on Controv echo and Evolution echo. Notable for ad hoc creation of assertions contrary to EMTs. Admitted that he had never read Eldredge and Gould's original paper on punctuated equilibria, but then castigated a correspondent for not considering that he might have disagreed with the arguments therein rather than just being totally ignorant of them.
.Cuvier, Georges Baron de
[1769-1832] Creationist. Anatomist, opponent of Lamarck. Author of "The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization" (1827-32) and "Essay on the Theory of the Earth" (1815).