.Kaufmann, Stuart
[?-] Computer scientist. Author of "Origins Of Order" (1994).
.Kazmeier, Bill
[?-] Weightlifter. Used by Ted Holden in a model of sauropod muscular effort.
.Keck, Paul
[?-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Feathers: created or evolved?". U. of E. faculty in media representation.
.Kelvin, Lord William Thomson Baron
[1824-1907] Physicist. Noted for his estimate of the age of the earth based on heat radiation. This estimate gave an age of less than 100 million years. However, radioactivity had not yet been discovered, which invalidated Kelvin's assumptions. One absolute temperature scale has divisions named for Lord Kelvin; as it is an absolute scale, it is a mistake to refer to "degrees kelvin"; rather, the appropriate reference is simply "kelvins".
.Kemere, Caleb Tilo
[?-] TAE. Posted a "Theory Of Creation" that turned out to be a "Bunch Of Unverifiable Assumptions Of Creation".
.Kettenring, Thomas
[1963-] Physicist. T.o. regular, U of E, designated hitter for logical errors and scholarship.
.Kitcher, Phillip
[1947-] Philosopher. Author of books including "Abusing Science" (1983) and "The Advancement of Science" (1993).
.Kjinnly, Leif Magnar
.Kluge, Karl
.Knapp, Dave
[?-] Physicist, magician. T.o. regular, CWACK. Author of FAQ on SN1987a.
.Koestler, Arthur
[1905-?] Philosopher and anti-darwinian author. His books include "Janus: A Summing Up" (1978), and "The Case of the Midwife Toad" (1971). Asserted the "natural selection is a tautology" argument in "Janus".
.Krasel, Cornelius
.Kroger, Seth L.
[?-] Computer scientist. T.o. regular.
.Krueger, Ted
[?-] TAE. Imported from one of the Limbaugh groups. "Rush rules" kind of guy.