.? Ussher, James
[1581-1656] Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland. Creationist. Author of "The annals of the world deduced from the origin of time, and continued to the beginning of the Emperour Vespasians reign, and the totall destruction and abolition of the temple and common-wealth of the Jews: containing the historie of the Old and New Testament, with that of the Macchabees, also the most memorable affairs of Asia and Egypt, and the rise of the empire of the Roman Caesars under C. Julius, and Octavianus: collected from all history, as well sacred, as prophane, and methodically digested," in which he deduced the date of Creation to be in the year 4004 BC, from analysis of biblical geneologies. An interesting commentary on this is in Gould's essay "Fall of the House of Ussher", in his collection "Eight Little Piggies" (Penguin 1993).