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Posts of the Month for 1998

February: Missing Links Still Missing?!
Wesley Elsberry compares Darwin's predictions about the fossil record to what we actually observe.
March: Rank Amateurs on t.o
Sverker Johansson debunks the notion that all evolutionists on the newsgroup are just amateurs.
April: Abiogenesis
Ian Musgrave covers some of the objections to the idea that life arose spontaneously (not that this is a problem for Darwinism...)
May: NM Physicists Create Artificial Life on the Web!
Dave Thomas started something with his and Mark Boslough's April Fools prank report on that the Alabama legislature was redefining the mathematical constant pi to be 3, in a parody of creationist attempts to legislate against science that doesn't suit them. It was taken seriously and spread around the world despite clear pointers it was a hoax.
June: Probability of star formation
In the midst of a discussion on stars, Nathan Urban delivered telling arguments against the view that the universe had to have been created for life.
July: The Ubiquity of Selection: Problems with David Ford's Critique
Loren King discusses the widely-held antievolutionist view that Darwinian selection is disconfirmed by the fossil evidence because of a lack of gradual transitions, the supposed barriers to genetic change, and some logical errors about selection.
August: The discovery of new dino tracks
Keith Morrison is inspired to sing about the amazing abilities of T-Rex, at least, if creationists are right about him.
September: Dembski on Design, simplified
Ivar Ylvisaker summarises the "new" argument for Intelligent Design by William Dembski.
October: After the FAQs: Any Popular Science books palatable to YECs?
Louann Miller describes a generalised, and all too familiar, dialogue between evolutionists and creationists and asks for popular science books to recommend to Young Earth Creationists once they have been pointed at the FAQs.
November: Fashionable Nonsense
Sometimes the issues affecting evolutionary science need to be put in broader context. The postmodernist attack on science ("modernism") has been attacked itself in a recent book, reviewed here by Richard Harter.
December: Extant Variation
There's an enormous amount of genetic variation in modern populations. How do creationists account for it? asks Adam Noel Harris.

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